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Finding a compliant superintendent isn’t easy… Homecore Superintendents ALWAYS have license spots available. Homecore Superintendents keep developers and general contractors in compliance with the DOB ordinance Chapter 1043(d) which requires the licensed superintendent assigned to a project to:


– Have ONLY 10 projects on their license

As many have unfortunately learned the hard way, if a superintendent has more than 10 projects assigned to his/her license, the DOB will give a $10,000 violation and shut down the project until another superintendent who has less than 10 spots is assigned. Homecore Superintendents will always have less than 10 projects on their licenses.

– Visit their sites daily

Thousands of SWO’s were issued in 2017 due to superintendents not filling out the required log book on a daily basis; Homecore Superintendents visit their 10 sites daily and fill out the required log book.

– Sign all required logs


– Visit DOB when necessary


– Be on site at request of DOB

What happens when the DOB comes for an inspection and requests the superintendent to be at the site in 30 minutes or they will shut the job down and give a $10,000 violation? Homecore Superintendents have all of their 10 projects in a few block radius and can be at any of their 10 projects within the half hour.

– Be present for DOB re-Inspections



All Homecore Superintendents keep our clients in 100% compliance with the DOB superintendent ordinance.


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